Featuring essential pieces for everyday wear.

Our latest lineup includes high-waisted comfort shorts and a reliable comfort shaping bra, both designed with your daily lifestyle in mind. These practical yet stylish items are perfect for those who value simplicity and functionality in their wardrobe.

The high-waisted shorts offer a snug fit and versatile look, while the shaping bra provides support without compromising on comfort. Ideal for everyday activities, Delicata's collection is about blending ease with practicality, ensuring you feel comfortable throughout your day. Discover the comfort and reliability of our lifestyle range, designed for the straightforward, no-fuss individual.

Frequently asked questions

Yes! If you buy the lifestyle set you save $5 on your order.

For sure! When ordering your set, you are able customize the color and sizing of the bra and shorts.

Everyone has their own comfort level, but we have tested out the set and so far all of our consumers have been shocked by how comfortable it is! The set was designed with your comfort in mind!